How to Make Colloidal Ruby Gold Nano Particles in Less Than 90 min.

How to Make Colloidal Ruby Gold Nano Particles in Less Than 90 min.

The past several decades’ scientists have been doing their research in the labs on a synthesis of metal nanomaterials. The gold is one of the most attractive because of its beauty and characteristics is well known since the beginning of the human history. Colloidal gold nanoparticles have been used for centuries by artists due to the vibrant colors produced in the  gold nano material interaction with visible light. The optical and electronic properties of gold nanoparticles are tunable by changing the size, shape, surface chemistry, or aggregation state.

Due to the small size of atomically precise clusters, starting with the simple tetrahedron, equilibrium structures and can grow up in all other sacred geometric shapes including fullerenes and flower of life structures. Gold  nanoparticles vibrate at very high frequencies. Similar to a tuning fork or even a musical instrument, the atoms have a natural frequency at which they tend to vibrate.

As many different interesting properties under 100 nm space and time, the particles are becoming free of the convincible law of physics and are opening new doors to the new paradigm in human history and various fields of the science wants to expand knowledge and go deeper into space.

After months of testing to find the finest tuning and right amounts to finding the greenest chemistry to finally find the reddest tone and long lasting suspension in plasma water what it appears not is an easy task. During experiments I found out different colors with different tuning can be achieved. The gold has become my most capricious of all metals to date.

I started my experiments with  24K Gold and different electrodes, electrolytes, amperages and voltage etc. See some of these results in following photos.

Different size of gold nano particles can be observed by the different color. Red particles are mostly ball shape in size of 5 - 30 nm, rose and the purple color is mixed red and violet oven blue particles in one solution and contains different sizes and shapes of Nano gold.

This electrolysis method is more advanced as regular chemical reaction method from Aqua Regia I been always wondering where all chemicals from the reaction are positioning and bring in concern it's impurities and energetic vibration level.

Filtration and centrifuge are strongly desired to separate the smallest particles from bigger from the plasma water solution.  

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