Proposal for Wort Plasma Waters Extraction and Energizing by Arvis Liepa

Proposal for Wort Plasma Waters Extraction and Energizing by Arvis Liepa

Just because we don't understand something it doesn't mean it isn't true.

Quote from book ‘The secret’

Why Wort Plasma Waters as  Herbal Remedies ?

Plant based remedies are widely used in all cultures and continents on the Earth. We know that Chinese medicine use plants as healers to balance energy flow in the body or QI energy. Qi is a "breath", "air" or "gas", and figuratively as "material energy", "life force" circulating in body. 

Read more about history of herbal medicine here.

Herbal medicines have been in use since long before modern medicine existed; there was and often still is little or no knowledge of the pharmacological basis of their actions.

In our life path sometimes it is too difficult to see in the beginning the whole image. Interactions with nature, parents, and grandparents in my early age lead later to study gastronomy and engineer metallurgy, two completely different domains. In engineering I could not see myself as professional industry worker, it was left just as my leisure time interest, including scientific use of this knowledge. I continue my professional path as kitchen chef in small and advanced kitchens up to head chef in a hotel, including various positions in catering. I created and calculated new recipes in menu for different restaurants. As all we have cornerstones of our personality, bad or good, growing from them by rising also higher consciousness with it. Adventures journeys throughout the Europe made a big impact of development of my personality. Life in different places, crosslinks with so different people, each with its own unique background - believes and values, desires and dreams, pushed me to study  esoteric and human nature. It all gave me an open mind to see things differently and push me to do something good in my life and share it with others. Indeed it lead to singularity with my today's experience and knowledge.

Read more about us here.

Short vocabulary

Plasma – fourth state of matter, it means matter in plasma state has certain structure and charge.

Plasma fields – vibration frequencies of constantly moving electron, read more here.

Water – unique solvent with four states of matter – vapor, liquid, solid and plasma also called structured water.

Extraction - the act or process of getting very small particles by pulling it out, forcing it out from solid substance.

Wort - the name of some plants , especially so that are used in herbal medicine or a herb used also as  food.


Proof of existence of these plasma fields are based on Kirlian photography and reasearch of Dr. Konstantine Korotkov.

Water is a unique molecule that has been recognized as the matrices for the chemical reactions associated with life (Del Giudice et al., 2010, Dr. Pollack et al, 2009. Learn more about Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Gerald H.Pollack, Masaru Emoto water experiments and hundreds of other great scientists around the world. 

My hypothesis of Wort Plasma Water 

Use of infinite dilution of plasma waters, could be interesting research subject to determine their use in alternative medicine, or even food, based of principle of water memory, best practice used in homeopathy and modern tools, used in conventional science for testing and measurements. To make such a plasma water, I was thinking to mimic the nature, and look how our digestive system deal with daily food intake, how much and what we really take from food. I already used carbon stick methods for some time and was ready for next adventure in artisanal science. I use only simple household chemistry, which also is used by our body in very low concentrations.

Concept  of Plasma Waters and their perspective to use as natural remedies and nutrients.

When you make your plasma water, you feel a connection with it emotionally. It could be tiny impulse in your brain, initiated by color, smell, memory of taste as natural human desire for something to compensate your nutritional deficiency. You even can absorb energy from it, simply by holding the bottle. Plasma water is a wonderful solution to feed your physical and mental body, mind, and soul.

To avoid plasma water aggregation and sedimentation we updated method  with use of different  filters at least 4-6 times or even more. Then we get smaller particles, which freely flow in solution, and are held by natural magnetic gravitational forces. These particles are more open to connecting with other compounds in our organism, carrying unique information about their origin, transmitted in structured water. The smaller the molecular clusters are as easier active particles in plasma water can penetrate in our cells. Nanoscale particles as colloidal solution in H2O are in size from 10 - 1000 nm. Plant cell stretches from 10 to 100 micrometers, so we are broke the cell structure. When these particles pass through a slow filter paper, they form a transparent colored solution or color tone in the water. If the solution is too concentrated, it becomes opaque, which can also be dissolved with large amount of water or filtered more times to get a transparent solution. You will determine what concentration you would like to end up within your final solution.

Trough this process we are preparing nanoparticles that are smaller than bacteria, viruses or cancer cells, but larger than glucose, water molecules or antibodies. When the solution is transparent, it does not mean they don’t contain particles, but these nanoparticles are really very small, that light goes trough. Some nanoparticles emit less plasma field and someones more. Amino acids, fatty acids, and other elements are very, very small, in nanoscale of 1 - 100nm.

At the nucleus some protein formations or glucose polymers are in size of microns which emit plasma field (light), but their light emission is less than from nanoscale particles! In order to extract them, we use stronger or weaker HCl - Hydrochloric acid or solution, often pH 0-1. It is now scientifically proven, that with HCl we obtain more hydrophobic compounds from fats and oils, such as alkanes, also 4 vitamins (K,E,D and A) and fat soluble amino acids. Low concentration of NaOH (up to pH 12) helps to release hydrophilic compounds such as phenols (alcohol), water soluble amino acids, vitamins and sugars. These compounds have polarity and they attract water (water soluble). To access the nano level or very tiny scale of microns we filter numerous times because the clusters could be formed and bigger attracts smaller to return to its previous state, which was expected. Particles each have their own unique code, especially those compounds rich with oxygen. Oxygen accelerates the processes. You can extract bioactive compounds from plants with salt, and this method is nothing new. My grandmother also did it, she was a old style pharmacist in the tradition of that time. She made a solution in many mediums - oils, spirits, and salts. When there is too much salt, the salt needs to be wash out and  as salt has tendency to attract and form clusters and their activity and nutrient value  could be decreased. Slightly salted plasma solutions can be used to support the body in cleansing and detox, however otherwise we avoid too much salt, do not drink it, use in bath or patches. 

Avoid use of plastic jars for plasma water production. Water kept in glass jars can absorb silica ions just in one day, then imagine what water can absorb from plastic by natural osmosis.

Follow the process that mimics how the digestive system of the body extracts bioactive ingredients from food. All starts with chewing and mixing with saliva to form bolus. We use mixer at this stage to obtain homogenous substance. Than HCl is added as in the stomach, (stomach acid  is composed of HCl, KCl and NaCl). It helps to to break down proteins to amino acids. Many microorganisms have their growth inhibited by such an acidic environment, which is helpful to prevent infection. Other stomach cells produce bicarbonate ions to buffer the solution and ensuring that it does not become too acidic. In the duodenum, gastric acid is neutralized by bicarbonate ions and nutrients are turned into a plasmatic state for our absorption.

Why we do filtering?

First of all, we want to separate all fibers from liquid. By first filtration we remove all large compounds and clusters that have not reduced in micron or even nano size.

Why do we keep only tiny microns or nanoparticles?

Each element has his own field, in a tiny nanoscale! Everything that has larger mass settles down, thanks to Earth's ''gravitational field''. This larger mass will slowly attract other particles in the liquid as smaller is always attracted to larger. By filtering, we achieve a nanoscale, and this is where standard particle physics ends! By filtering, we end up with the solution where all particles are in a correct scale and are self-organized, with their own fields as colloids within the H2O - plasma waters.

This brings the plasma light!

I hope this guide will inspire you to make your own plasma water nano solutions at home or have inspiration for larger visions, containing wonderful flavor some scents & life force to delight the senses. If you follow the basic steps this process is easy to do, with basic knowledge and simple tools available to everyone. 

Please remember, every detail is very important, so do it with responsibility and attention to detail to produce well-made plasma water solutions.

Nanoparticles of herbal plant carrying the information.

Not necessary an plasma water is meant for ingestion or direct application on the skin, but could be used as field filter or emitter in electromagnetic frequencies, light spectrum as many other variations could be imagined once the meaning of this technology is comprehended.

Magnetic or electromagnetic fields can have even more permanent effect on water, and solutions depend on the mode of applying these fields.

We, as humans, are influences from these fields by colors, shape, temperature, sound and by our emotional feelings or vice versa. Psychologists are proved that humans are observing and remember totally everything around them consciously and unconsciously. It could explain the common base of those experiments and wort plasma water as result of it and complying them with Qi philosophy.

Learning by Doing

This method is an upgrade of all previous methods published, and comes as result of continued experimentation, with the goal to find easiest and most effective ways to make Plasma Water solutions at home or small-scale artisanal production. The main goal is to preserve as much as possible the emotional, energetic, physical, properties of a raw material and add new additive materials for energizing as the final solution. This has been a very big challenge, requiring already two years, months of daily study of nanotechnologies and methods used for applications in different domains. With my previous methods, I also had achieved making colloidal solutions, but some of them were unstable, with aggregation and sedimentation.


LEVEL:  Medium

PREPARATION TIME:   up to 2 - 3 days.

MATERIAL PRODUCED:              
Wort Plasma Water of fruits, seeds, barks and other materials


Choose your workspace, it should be with good ventilation. The kitchen is the best place to do it, if you would like to do it at home.

Step 1

Choose your material, think about emotional and physical needs. Listen your desire or a choose the material according to its unique strengths and properties. Listen your body, think about childhood tastes, emotions, memories, it is very important part of your work.

Cleaned and not cleaned carbon stick. Take it serious and clean everything as good as you can.

Step 2

Prepare the materials and tools needed for the plasma water production. The cleaning and preparing your workplace is very important, think about temperature,  use kitchen ventilation system. Keep in mind the air contains plenty of bacteria. For best hygiene, use UV light in a kitchen if possible. Keep away materials that can react with strong acids and bases.

I  do not recommend to use plastic 
and prefer glass, especially borosilicate glass. 
Materials needed:
  • 50 gr fresh or dried seeds, roots, fruits, bark or any other organic material. (If you use dried material you probably will need to use more concentrated solutions in process)
  • Carbon stick (graphite rod 99%)
  • Pure metal (Zn, Cu, Fe, Mg)
  • pH Meter
  • Alligator clips
  • Kitchen scale
  • Baking soda NaHCO3
  • 23 % HCl Hydrochloric acid solution
  • Caustic soda (NaOH)
  • Citric acid
  • Kitchen pad (green scrub)
  • Couple of Pegs
  • Distilled water 5l with pH 7-8
  • Beakers or measuring glass 200 ml
  • Glass jars (Borosilicate jars are heat resistance glass recommended), household jars also could be used if it is the only option. I do not recommend to use any plastic as it could release some extra ions in solution. You can notice difference of water kept in plastic and glass bottle, glass is standard choice in any scientific lab)
  • Stirrer (optional, for best results recommended) 
  • Glass rod for stirring (recommended)m but also bamboo stick could be used
  • Magnetic Stirrer (optional, but for best results is recommended)
  • Aquarium air pump
  • DC power supply 30V (highly recommended), can use solar cells batteries etc. 
  • Coffee filter, plastic
  • Funnels
  • Stainless steel tea strainer
  • Filter papers (brown tea paper filter, brown coffee filter Melitta size 4 (20 μm) and slow filter paper 10 μm)
  • Ceramic mortar with pestle (optional) use for powder preparation
  • Protection gloves
  • Respiration mask (3M, optional, but very recommended for personal safety)
  • Strong alcohol (70-95%) for cleaning and disinfection of tools.                   
Step 3.

Measure 50 gr of fresh or dried material, chop into smaller pieces with a knife, put into jar,  up  50 ml water, blend it a little bit with kitchen blender and check the initial pH of material. 

If you use dried material, you will need a little bit more water.

Step 4.

To make a weak acidic solution add again 50 ml water and add 1 - 5 ml 23% Hydrochloric acid or  HCl solution (use syringe or pipette to measure precisely). If you feel you need double the water amount because the product gets too sticky or jelly add more weak HCl solution (1-5 ml to 100ml). Try to keep your a Lab notes, it will help a lot to analyze, repeat and share your results.

23% solution means 100ml solution contains 23 gr of HCl, if you use 1-5 ml of this solution, it means you dilute to concentration 0,23- 1,15 % (depending on quantity used)

Please note 
Hydrochloric acid is strong acid and can burn your skin.
Use protective gloves!
Step 5

Mix in kitchen blender your weak HCl solution with material and blend it for 5 minutes until everything is good chopped and looks homogenous. Test again pH of solution. The mixture should be around pH 2 to 3 level after adding HCl acid like in your stomach. This is a pH level of your stomach.

Step 6.

Close the jar and leave it for a half an hour to absorb the acid and break down cell structure. 

You can keep your mixture in soft direct sunlight to absorb more energy and it help break down structure. Or you can keep it on warm heat plate. Check the temperature, should not reach more than 40 °C. Think about mimic of nature and keep it in close to natural  environment in your stomach.  Remember that sunlight can increase temperature to more than 40 °C, so take eye on it.

Step 7.

After an hour or more your mixture is ready for neutralization. To neutralize the acid in a solution you should add baking soda NaHCO3 solution and increase the pH value to 7.0-7.5 (neutral or salty water).

Take up 2 tsp (10 gr) of baking soda NaHCO3, dissolve it completely in 100 ml distilled water. Then add the baking soda solution slowly, step by step, to your mixture. You can use a blender to accelerate the reaction. The CO2 gas releases and lot of rainbow bubbles will be formed on the surface of the mixture. Watch it and so not let it go out of  your glass jar.  Be careful, reaction takes same time. Do it slowly and mix to speed up the reaction. Continue to mix it well, as you add baking soda gradually. When the baking soda does not react anymore (no more bubbles), the solution is neutralized. It will also will change the color tone slightly. If you have left some baking soda solution it is ok, not always you will need to use it all. You can keep this solution for next time as well, just make a label on it and store in closed jar.

Pine cones in strong alkaline.

Mix all again in kitchen blender, after adding NaOH solution. The solution will increase its pH to 10.7, it should be a maximum (use your pH meter). pH 10.7 is value for milk of magnesium.  Leave solution again for an hour or two. Blend it as often as you can, it will help to alkaline penetrate deeper and break down the harder structures of the material.

Please note that all reaction is speeded up in direct sunlight or heating.

If the temperature is lower, a reaction will take more time.

Step 9

After NaOH reaction, you can decrease pH value back to 7,5 by adding citric acid solution (5gr citric acid dissolved in 100 ml water), lemon juice or vinegar, organic and natural acids widely used in the food industry to preserve a food. Add citric acid solution slowly and adjust your pH value close to initiated. Color of solution also very often changes back more close to original.

Raspberries in alkaline state change color from bright red to moss green

Blueberries bubbles was really huge and rainbow colors shined  on the surface. It could be good sign that amino acids are liberated.

In some extracts you can observe a higher concentration of amino acids, visible as rainbow bubbles.

Step 8.

If your substance still contains a lot of fibers you have to add NaOH solution to continue decomposition, especially, if you use hard structures. I use NaOH when I need to brake resin, roots, barks, nuts, and seeds. As heavier is the food as longer it takes to digest it. Reaction with NaOH releases a lot of heat so it could help to break down harder structures. Please, don't overheat!

First make a caustic soda solution: Dissolve 2 teaspoons (10gr) of caustic soda NaOH granules in 100 ml water. ATTENTION! Use the gloves, caustic soda is very strong chemical avoid it can burn your skin

Never add water to caustic soda, you have to add caustic soda to water gradually.

Please be careful, solution and jar will be hot after caustic soda reacts with water. Use protective gloves and eyewear, as a caustic soda can burn the skin.

Hand mixer is good enough to break down harder structures and resins in alkaline.

Keep the leftovers for drying! Here, we have kept like cranberry leftovers. You also can use them otherwise ! Read about cranberries here.

Step 10

First filtration. You have to separate fibers from solution. Use ordinary stainless steel tea filter as a first. You need to filter your mixture with paper tea filter and coffee filters few times till your water solution dropping through the filter quite freely. Then you are ready for the next step if you want to add plasmatic energy value in your extract water.

Color of solution very often changes back more close to natural as pH changes.

Step 11

Next step is electrolysis with pure Zn as basic metal and Carbon Stick or pure graphite rod. Graphite is neutral for the human body. Widely used in different industry, including food industry as its beneficial properties. Carbon is an essential element of life and is therefore of fundamental importance when studying some basic mechanisms. Carbon serves as a powerful reducing agent for many metallic oxides and is employed in the extraction of those metals. Carbon is the form of charcoal or other varieties is insoluble in water, alkalies and hydrochloric acid. Read here. Connect (-) cathode to carbon rod and (+) anode to Zn, Mg or Fe (these are essential metals for the body), so adding them to the extracted mixture can be a beneficial supplement. To achieve better results, add 5 ml vegetal glycol or liquid cane sugar to the solution, to help form an envelope around particles and prevent large cluster formations. 

Wrap your electrodes with a coffee filter strips, tie them up with fishing line. Cut the size you needed, use  just a one layer of filter paper around the electrodes. Too much paper around the electrodes will decrease electro conductivity in electrolysis. It will prevent larger than 400 micron particle presence in  solution. It also keeps away all sediments, concentrated  on electrode, to be released in the solution. Clip both electrodes on each side of the jar and make sure they do not touch each other.

Electrolysis help to polarize molecules in your solution and initiate envelops formation around the particles. It also make bonds with zinc in this case. Zinc emits a very strong, large and stable field, connected to emotions. It absorbs and emits UV light. Electrolysis makes a structured solution with certain frequency. Please read more about zinc here. Electrolysis at low current in physics is considered also as electrolysis in the plasma environment.

Run your electrolysis for 60 minutes on the low amperage, maximum 0,5 Ampere and 9 to 12V. During electrolysis, the mixture will release small amount of Cl gas (please stay away from jar and keep good ventilation) and will leave some sodium behind.  

At the end, you have a little bit salt in water and sodium citrate bonded with elements from your substance. Citric acid will function as buffer  here and will keep a right pH value. If you want to prepare Zn mineral crystal powder mixture with your wort extract then run your system  longer. As longer you run  the electrolysis as more metal particles will be released in solution. You have to decide, what you want more zinc or extract. For powder production, I suggest start with a bigger amount of material! 

For the last filtration, after electrolysis, I use again the coffee paper filter, at least few times. Very frequently I filter trough the same paper grade more than twice. You also can use double layer coffee filter paper. Take your time and repeat the filtration process for next few days. Until your plasma water finally goes freely through this filter it is ready and has valuable benefits. As smaller particles will be as more active they are. Please read here. See microscope video.

You can give a final touch to your plasma water and filter it with 10 μm slow filter, at least, for better preservation.




This is very green way to do it. We use small amount of material we end up with very little waste. For instance starting with 50 g of apple, after filtration there is approx. 5 gr leftovers. While you will get 45 gr dissolved in water, containing nutrients as energized plasma liquid.


To preserve plasma waters, we can give some recommendations. Try to adjust final pH of filtrate close to initial pH value or at least keep it slightly acidic.  Use lemon juice, citric acid or vinegar, which are natural preservatives. Please note: desirable pH after adding these organic acids is 4,5 - 6. Plants are so different and unique in by their own, so there is no one rule for all. Try to make your own observations to avoid fermentation (but is some cases it could be very desirable). Keep your plasma waters in closed bottles or jars in cool, dark place, as you would do with any natural product. In some cases, you also can use colloidal silver as preservative. Keep eye on your plasma water. If it changes its transparency or become cloudy, or you see growth of bacteria, fungi or yeasts, if smell or taste is changed. You can try to preserve and filter it several times, do not forget finish it with 10 μm slow filtration paper. If fermentation is started (gas is coming out), leave it aside. It could be interesting example for further studies. Carbon dioxide is produced during the processes of decay of organic materials and the fermentation of sugars in bread, beer and winemaking.


We personally are using by adding 1-2 ml of the plasma water for one glass of fresh, pure water, mix it well in counterclockwise direction,  use your intention for a few minutes before use.

Remember water has memory!


Wort plasma water in patches for external absorptions

You also can add your plasma waters to homemade cosmetics (toothpaste, pomades, bath waters)

You can use plasma water as a foot bath.

Always keep them at low temperature to avoid grow of fungi or bacteria’s.

We are organizing small group workshops with demonstration  of this method and experimental applications for 1-2 days, soon also short online classes and live streaming  will be available. Follow Liquid Plasma Feeding events. Knowledge seekers from different fields can find their own solutions and applications in their domain. Dentists, veterinarian, naturopaths, homeopaths, therapists and other professionals, sportsman, housewives etc. are in every group and they are inspired to experiment and learn more. 

See more photos here.

Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Feeding'' research and experiments in natural supplement extraction methods and new approach of use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world of nanotechnologies. Our aim is to develop technologies as greenest possible, fewer chemicals and with little energy in use to find best solutions for the future humanity of our dear planet Earth.
Thank you very much for your confidence and support.
We are sharing our knowledge experience and experiments in our blog posts and Facebook page, we also invite you to join our private artisanal scientific research public group to participate in discussions and share your own experiments.

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