Online Webinar Series  - Three Pillars of Liquid Plasma Feeding

Online Webinar Series - Three Pillars of Liquid Plasma Feeding

''Learning - Doing – Being''  master class in artisan science 

Hosted by: Arvis Liepa, developer of Liquid Plasma Feeding

This is a unique offer to increase your knowledge about the liquid plasma feeding method and its applications. You will get answer to - why liquid, why plasma and why feeding? After these three pillar webinars you will have a totally different look on your daily nutrition and health. You will understand what we can do today and what we can achieve tomorrow.

Today, we are faced with growing issues in many sectors of the economy and especially in the industrially produced food sector, and the consequent growing health consequence affecting far more extensive fields, including any living organism on Earth. Major issues in our society now are related to climate change, pollution, rising food and living costs, drinking water issues. As result of it humanity search for sustainable autonomy worldwide is on high demand. So, how about living in future today, should we wait tomorrow! ?

There are four webinars: the three pillars and a free knowledge sharing webinar for those who attended the previous three. Each part will build on the webinar before.


First Pillar on April 7, 2018

Second Pillaron May 5, 2018

Third Pillar on June 2, 2018

Webinaries will be hold from 16.00 to 23.00 (Central European Time),                 with some coffee/tea breaks


In this webinar we will review a new scientific approach to human biology, psychology, and how it is related to our eating habits and traditions. What are main diet issues and what are solutions? Radiant field dimensions, from matter state body to EMF, RF, and light spectrum, plasma and beyond. Alternative solution to give your body and spirit what it desires.



This part will explain various metals and minerals, and their applications, benefits, and how they are used in different compounds: Nano particle scale, its biocompatibility, crystal structures. Electrolysis is used as extraction method with different metals and graphite electrode into plasma water. Why to use filtration, electrolysis, electrodes, pH, EC ppm meter, laser use and etc.?



Concept of plasma water is plant wort* extraction and energizing with different metals and graphite electrodes. Why and how to correctly extract different types of plants or other biomaterials? How and why to use the pH meter and other equipment? Learn about product preservation and their applications.




Knowledge Sharing Webinar on July 7, 2018

Webinar will be hold from 16.00 - 19.00 (CET) with coffee/tea break

Tips and Tricks, online questions and answers, experience exchange and advice on subject discussed in all previous webinars - minerals crystal particles and practice wort plant plasma water extraction. Vision on the future feeding technology systems and open discussions.

Knowledge Sharing webinar is only for all Three Pillars webinar participants.

Participants can register for each Pillar session separately, except fourth Knowledge Sharing Webinar, which is exclusively for those who attend all Three Pillars webinars.

To register click here, you can choose each webinar separately from the drop down menu.

The online webinars will be available using the ZOOM application, entering code will be sent before the beginning of the webinar. Download ZOOM here.

About host Arvis Liepa

He grew up close to nature and is still rooted in pagan traditions. He later studied engineering metallurgy and gastronomy, and for some years worked professionally in the catering business in various places and position in Europe. He was a backpacker pilgrim in Europe at very young age and he diligently studied human psychology, esoteric and metaphysics. Challenging the law of attraction in real life was a main cornerstone that shaped his personality. Last past years he dedicated his time to study Nano technologies, theoretical physics, laws of natural and patterns.  

All this knowledge and experience gathered in years are shaped up as this new Liquid Plasma Feeding concept.

Liquid Plasma Feeding concept is developed with help and support by Litha Limetree, MSc. in Biology, Chemistry and Pedagogy, experienced manager in food and catering business.


*wort in Liquid Plasma Feeding means the energetic liquid extracted from organic material