Hydro Crystals - Water Super Absorbent with Potassium

Hydro Crystals - Water Super Absorbent with Potassium

Hydro crystals are unique polymer structure that has huge ability to absorb water, or any other liquid up to 400 - 600 times of its own mass. Amount of crystals (1 gr) you see in the pictures absorbed 250 ml water forming the hydrogel.

This particular polymer contains potassium and is very useful in agriculture applications, not only because it helps to keep water in the soil when it's raining and releases in case of drought, but also provides plants with potassium.


Why potassium is important for the plants?


Because of it:

  • Increases root growth and improve drought resistance
  • Activates many enzyme systems
  • Maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting
  • Aids in photosynthesis and food formation
  • Reduces respiration, preventing energy losses
  • Enhances translocation of sugars and starch
  • Produces grain rich in starch
  • Increases protein content of plants
  • Builds cellulose and reduces lodging
  • Helps retard crop disease
  • Potassium nano size particles in nature are stored in clays and it is not easy for plants to access these potassium reserves.
  • Hydro crystals made life easier for plants, they assure water accessibility for roots and whole plant. They are releasing water molecules through membrane slowly in natural osmosis process based on plants needs.

Image: Potassium available for plants in the soil. source: https://i.ytimg.com


Hydro crystals benefits:


improve the germination of seeds;

it emergence to give plants early healthy beginning;

they do not stick together;

reduce irrigation times;

save water;

hold water close to the roots of crops, fruits and vegetables, trees;

protect plant from flooding;

give accessible potassium for plants;

release the fertilizer efficiency slowly;

increase harvest;

it is totally non-toxic, harmless and nonpolluting.

Hydro crystals are ideal for mixing soils, for indoor and outdoor pots, planters, window boxes, balconies, terraces, roofs, hanging gardens and city landscape.

Important note to read before the use of hydrocrystals:

It does not make water, so there should be enough water to absorb it when it is used;

for better absorption pH 6.0-6.8 is best;

it can not be used on the surface of the earth, it should be mixed with soil first;

it can absorb water from the air and become blocked. Be prevented from moisture and the sun during storage.

Regular amount of use 2% from total soil

10-20g hydro crystals can double the survival rate of young trees.

Application in lawn (golf) can save about 50%-70% water

Save about 30%-50% fertilizer

How much to use?

15 to 30 kg per acre or 0,4 ha dosage.

2 gr of dry hydro crystals on each kg of soil can prevent water evaporation for 10 days, regular water evaporation from the same amount of soil happens in 5 days.

Image: research data according to socochem.com.

It is a very good solution to save your plants during the travel or vacation.

Sand can absorb water up to 85 % more than without hydro crystals.

Silt loam can absorb 37 % and clay loam 38 % more water mixed with hydro crystals.

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