Papaya Seeds in Plasma Water

Papaya Seeds in Plasma Water

Papaya (Carica papaya) is exotic fruit, somebody loves it somebody does not. Papaya trees are very, very hungry, so it grows only in soil rich with organic matter and minerals. It means it takes all best inside it in while growing. As its blessing to humanity, nature gives us this amazing fruit which has numerous health beneficial properties. It has taste which you can describe something between melon and pumpkin, with after note of grapefruit bitter. It is first indicator we should look for some liver cleansing ingredients. It is one of the best fruits with a lot of important nutrition ingredients in it. Most of the people do not eat papaya seeds, but they are very valuable as nutrition supplement and is used as an ingredient in salad dressings, it is used as substitute of pepper because of its spicy taste. Papayas have very strong flavor, somebody can not like it at all, but even small amount of papaya seeds can bring significant benefits for your health.

Image. Papaya seeds Plasma water after final filtration.

The papaya fruit is about 88.8% water, 9.8 % carbohydrate, 0.8% fiber, 0.6% protein, 0.6% ash and 0.1% fat. A 100g (3.5 oz.) serving of papaya has 39 calories, compared to banana's 92 calories. Papayas also contain 16% more vitamin C than oranges and are a good source of vitamin A (about half of that contained in mango). Consumption of the fruit is reported to aid digestion because of the papain content.

What is so special in papayas?


RICH WITH ENZYMES. High level of photolytic enzyme, brakes down proteins of parasites and their eggs.

BENEFICIAL FOR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Rich with digestive enzymes, which helps to digest food much more easier. it helps to normalizing the acidic environment in our intestinal tract. These enzymes preventing worms and other forms of parasites from residing in our intestinal tract.

DETOX. Even small amount or small portion of it, it will effectively help our body to detox from toxins.

HEALTHY LIVER. Papaya heals cirrhosis in our liver. Powder of papaya seeds could be mixed with your daily food.

ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES Just few seeds can prevent bacteria from multiplying and residing in our body.

FERTILITY. Consuming papaya with the right dose of intake can greatly increase sperm production for a man. Eating papaya seeds can also help to maintain woman’s fertility of the eggs. It is well known in Asia as fertility booster.

PREVENT KIDNEY DISEASE. This amazing fruit can cure kidney disease and minimize the possibility of renal failure and work effectively for kidney poisoning case.

PREVENT CANCER DEVELOPMENT. Milky sap from seeds and papaya leaves contains acetogenin. Its potential is tempered with concerns about neurotoxicity, dose should be very small to be effective, like for most of strong healing plants use in folk medicine for centuries in different cultures. Japanese drink papaya leaf tea for prolonged period, and add a little bit of crushed papaya seeds on top of it to maintain a healthy body.

REMEDY FOR ACNE. Acne is sign of misbalanced hormonal level in the body. Papaya leaves and papaya seeds, is used blended together dissolved in some water. Adding smaller particles in the mix can increase their activity. Papaya plasma water could be applied directly on acne infected area, let them dry. Water will help active ingredients penetrate in the skin. Do not forget to wash the skin with warm water after this treatment.

FORGET MENSTRUAL PAIN. Tea with Papaya leaves can help drink it cold to increase concentration of active ingredients. Papaya seeds plasma water could be tested in such a cases. Some touch of honey will give the drink more pleasant taste.

FIRST AID AGAINST ''GRIPPE TROPICAL'' OR DENGUE. Papaya seeds boost blood cells production and helps body to increase auto -immunity.

SKIN PROBLEMS. Papaya seeds plasma water applied to skin activate rejuvenation of skin cells and prevent wrinkles and other aging signs.

INCREASE APPETITE. Loss of appetite is most common observed for older people. Often, no physical cause of it is found. Emotions such as sadness, depression, or grief can lead to a loss of appetite. Cancer can also cause decreased appetite. Papaya seeds plasma water could prevent these problems, but should be tested.

GOOD FOR BONES. Our body needs to consume protein and calcium to grow bones and muscles, and those protein and calcium can be derived from consuming papaya and papaya seeds.

APPLICABLE FOR EYE DISORDERS. Papaya seeds and papaya leaves help in regenerating the cells and providing nutrients needed by our eyes to stay healthy, helps recover from any eye-related diseases such as cataracts.


Even the smallest part of papaya, papaya seeds can bring so much effect and positive impact for our body and how easy it is to keep our body healthy—only by consuming papaya seeds.

To extract bioactive ingredients in plasma water we have applied Upgrades proposal for food Mineral Crystal Particles (MCPs) in plasma water by Arvis Liepa.

See processing in following photos.

As result of applying Methods described in Upgrades proposal for food Mineral Crystal Particles (MCPs) in plasma water by Arvis Liepa. We see the papaya seeds plasma water has the same color as fruit, quite heavy consistence, like all plasma waters made from seeds, because of high % of raw fibers (49,9 %) and raw protein (40,0 %) and minerals Ca (1,66%), Mg (0,64%) and P (0,84%) as principal minerals. Plasma water is contain very small in size active biochemical compounds extracted from papaya seeds in water. Material is interesting for testings, buy a sample here.

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